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All the articles on this website have been written by me, Lee Lisman and were edited by my wife, Patty, prior to her passing in Dec. 2016.  She truly loved God and looked forward to being a part of His spiritual realm when she rises to meet Christ at His coming. It is my sincere desire that you, the reader, will be edified from some of our private home Bible studies.
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The Gospel Revealed Series

The Gospel Revealed In Two Words part 1 of 3

The Gospel Revealed In God’s Holy Days part 2 of 3

The Gospel Revealed in the 3 Writings of John the Apostle part 3 of 3

The Kingdom of God Series 

The Apostles’ Perspective of the Kingdom of God part 1 of 3

The Kingdom of Heaven Is the Kingdom of God part 2 of 3

Living Forever in God’s Heavenly Kingdom part 3 of 3

Other Articles to Share 


The Overlooked Verse

God’s Holiday Memories

How God Desires to Be Worshipped–Revealed at Shechem